Lucky Draw Policies

Prize Policies

1. The prize will go to the customer who buys the tire from our website. A claimant without a bill will not be entitled to a reward.
2. The customer’s bill number will be their reward token number.
3. Draw prize announcement date can be changed without giving prior notice to the customer.
4. After announcing the result of the draw, the customer can get the reward only by showing the bill.
5. No tax will be charged on any reward.
6. If the customer demands cash at the place of reward, the amount will be paid only after deducting the tax as per reward.
7. All prizes will be awarded under the supervision of dignitaries.
8. No settlement will be made with the customer regarding the reward.
9. All rewards models are pre-determined. No changes will be made at the request of the customer. If the pre-determined reward model is not available on the spot, the company may change the reward as it sees fit. In this case, the customer cannot complain.
10. If a local customer buys a product from our shop and gets it fitted from another shop, he will not be entitled to the reward. His token will be canceled.
11. If the company goes into a loss for any reason, the draw will be canceled.
12. The draw will be announced only after the completion of 1000 customers purchasing car tires.

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