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Tyre Insurance

  1. Comprehensive Insurance covers the cost of damage or loss to the insured vehicle tyre due to an accident, fire, natural calamities.
  2. Accidents are ugly. It can damage your entire car and even tyres. Tyre insurance will help you protect your tyre from such damages.
  3. Under Comprehensive car insurance, if your car gets damaged along with damages to tyres, the insurance company (for example, V.K.TYRES) is liable to pay 50% of the replacement cost.
  4. It is important to note that V.K.TYRES is not liable to pay for any damages to tyres and tubes unless your car is damaged at the same time.


What Is Covered

In consideration of payment of the additional premium by the Insured as mentioned in the schedule and realization thereof by the Company,


We will cover expenses for replacement, as may be necessitated arising out of accidental loss or damage to Tyres. The cover does not include any service or labor charges incurred during the replacement of damaged Tyre (s) of the insured vehicle.


What is not covered?

1) If the vehicle is not repaired at Authorized Garage

2) Loss or damage arising out of natural wear and tear.

3) Any loss or damage within the first 15 days of inception of the Policy.

4) Any loss or damage occurred before the inception of the Policy.

5) Routine maintenance including adjustment, alignment, balancing, or rotation of wheels/ Tyres/ tubes.

6) Theft of Tyre(s) without the vehicle being Stolen or theft of the entire vehicle.

7) If the Tyre(s) being claimed is different from Tyre(s) insured as original equipment along with the vehicle unless informed to us and mentioned/ endorsed on the Policy.

8) Fraudulent act committed by the Insured or the workshop or any person entrusted possession of the vehicle by the Insured.

9) Loss or damage arising out of improper storage or transportation.

10) Any consequential loss or damage such as but not limited to noises, vibrations, and sensations that do not affect Tyre/ Rim function or performance.

11) Loss or damages arising out of modifications not approved by Tyre/ vehicle manufacturer.

12) Loss or damage resulting from hard driving due to race, rally, or illegal activities.

13) Loss or damage due to neglect of periodic maintenance as specified by the manufacturer.

14) Loss or damage resulting from poor workmanship while the repair.

15) Minor damage or scratch not affecting the functioning.


Important Conditions

1) If You make a fraudulent claim that is declined as per “What is not covered” coverage under this section shall cease with immediate effect.

2) In case of replacement of Tyre for which a claim is preferred under the coverage, replaced Tyre can be included by way of endorsement.

3) All claims must be made within 7 working days of damage

4) You must take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage to Tyre(s). You must not continue to drive the vehicle after any damage or incident if this could cause further damage to the Tyre(s).


Subject otherwise to terms, conditions, limitations, and exceptions of the Policy.

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